Best Selling 40 Inch Led TV 2017


Televisions play an integral role in the modern life. There are televisions of different sizes in the market, however the 40 inch led televisions are the most suitable for today’s homes. There superb quality makes them a must have television this year. This type of television lacks the plasma and liquid crystal display a common feature with other types of televisions.

This televisions are available in high definition with incredible resolutions which ensures high quality pictures. They are further classified as either smart or non-smart 40 inch led televisions. This article explores the top ten best-selling 40 inch led televisions in 2017-2018 that you should consider when buying a TV set.

This list of Best Selling 40 Inch Led TVs is made of high quality televisions that will amaze you.

10. Samsung UE40F6400

Samsung UE40F6400 Top Popular Selling 40 Inch Led TVs 2018

This is one of the finest smart televisions from the United Kingdom. It has 1920×1080 screen resolution that is not curved. It has 40 inch screen size with a freestat and freeview high definition tuners. Its processor speed is 200Hz and comes with a touchpad remote. Its relatively low price makes suitable for the low income earners. It has a smart hub system that contains numerous applications. The only notable drawback of this television is its occasional stutter, however it remains one of the most sought after televisions in the market.

9. Panasonic TX-40DX600

Panasonic TX-40DX600 Top Most Selling 40 Inch Led TVs 2017

This is a 40 inch smart television with a free high definition tuner that is not curved. It has 3840×2160 screen resolution which produces high quality pictures. This is regarded as the best product of Panasonic 4K television. Its 800Hz scanning, backlight dimming together with the Quad core PRO processor ensures easy and fast navigation though the smart TV. This TV has Freeview catch-up application and the Firefox operating system making it smart and easy to use. The fitted usable interphase enables the user to watch instant videos from amazon or the Netflix.

8. RCA LED40G45RQD 40″ LED 1080P HDTV


This smart television allows the user to watch videos contained in the DVD player, play video games and watch live broadcast producing quality video images. Its DVD player is built in and this allows one to play movies without the worries of an external DVD player. Furthermore this television can play VCD, SVCD, and MP3 among other optical media. It can also preview the images that are in JPEG format. It has extra ports for the direct connection of other external devices such as cameras to HDTV and in such cases there is no extra hardware required.

7. Samsung UN40JU6500

Samsung UN40JU6500 Top Most popular Selling 40 Inch Led TVs 2018

This is a smart TV that contain several USB and HDMI ports positioned right on its sides. This makes it easy to connect devices unlike on the televisions with the back ports. Its contrast is fascinating and great deep blacks sparkling bright whites. This ensures a super depth image and good quality pictures.

6. LG 40UB8000 television.

LG 40UB8000 television Top 10 Best Selling 40 Inch Led TVs 2017

This is a super slim smart television that enables the user to watch Hulu, Netflix among others in that line. It has a super 4k ultra high definition resolution and produces amazing vibrant colored images. Its minimal lag has a refresh rate of 60Hz. It allows the user to share the pictures with other external devices like the mobile devices. Its ultra-clarity index is among the best in the industry at 1080 and comes with a sleek stand.

5. Sony KDL40R510C television

Sony KDL40R510C television Top 10 Best Selling 40 Inch Led TVs

This smart television consist of the two HDMI ports and the other two USB ports. This makes it easy to add several accessories at once. Its performance is out of this world and its color reproduction is incredible. The price of this television is relatively low which partly explains its rank among the best-selling TVs.

4. Samsung UN40JU6700 television

Samsung UN40JU6700 television Top Famous Selling 40 Inch Led TVs 2019

This super smart television has a built in WIFI and designed with the newest technology in the industry. It has an ultra-high definition curved screen that produces a wonderful viewing experience. The off angle viewing and fantastic picture crispness and quality makes it rank among the best television sets in the market.

3. TCL 40FD2700 40-Inch 1080p LED TV

TCL 40FD2700 40-Inch 1080p LED TV

This is a quality high definition television that ensures quality entertainment. Its screen refresh rate is among the highest with a potential of increasing when the need arises. It has ports that allows to share pictures and audio from the external sources such as the RF connector, USB port, HDMI posts and the audio port. Its technology caters for today as it prepares you for the future.

2. VIZIO E40-C2 40-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV

VIZIO E40-C2 40-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV

This is an innovative television that caters for the needs of various users. This is regarded as the next generation television in the market today. It offers unmatched view of the fast action due to its high screen refresh rate of about 120 cycles in every second. Its LED screen produces clear images with vivid colors. Has a built-in WIFI and the sets of USB and HDMI ports.

1. Samsung UN40J5200 40-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV

Samsung UN40J5200 40-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV

This is another super Samsung brand that has a very high refresh rate estimated at 60 CMR that ensures you get quality fast action. It employs the backlit latest LED technology ensuring crystal clear pictures, vivid colors and low power consumption. It has a built in WIFI which provides internet connectivity. It has a single USB port and two HDMI ports that allows the user to connect TV with other external devices. This is the best-selling 40 inch LED television in 2016.

The above comprehensive list contains the best-selling LED televisions with 40 inch screen size. When looking for the television set, it is necessary to consider the above televisions. They are the ones consumers never tire of placing orders of purchase because of their outstanding features.