Most Handsome Actors in The World


These top ten handsome actors have a lot they can show off. The roles they play in the movies they act in helps them a lot as well. They could walk up to a fan and probably make them pass out just with there good looks. They show up in magazines, on TV, and even just walking down the street where they live. You have the ones who know they have good looks and then the ones who think people are crazy because they have flaws. No matter how many fans one of these men have they sure do let it show. The fact that you can see everything they are doing makes them even more handsome for all the fame they have.

Here are some of the Most Handsome Actors in The World

10. Sam Heughan-


Born in Scotland in nineteen eighty, this good looking actor has made his face known in the acting world today. His career began in the year two thousand one when he acted in a short film called Small Moments. There was many people whom appreciated his good looks in that film. By the year two thousand thirteen he became nominated for the Laurence Olivier Award for his acting in Outlying Islands. Just last year in two thousand fifteen Sam won the Anglophile Channel Award for best actor in a Television series.

9. Tom Hiddleston-


He was born in nineteen eighty one and is considered one of the nicest actors from the United Kingdom. He is a very handsome man and tries to be enthusiastic most of the time. The Deep Blue Sea and The Avengers are only two of his hit movies. There has been many nominations for him such as Crime Thriller Award for Best Supporting Actor of two thousand ten, The Scream Award for Breakout Performance two thousand eleven, and many more. Tom has won the MTV Movie Award in two thousand thirteen and Evening Standard Theatre Best Actor in two thousand fourteen.

8. Henry Cavill-


Henry was born in the United Kingdom in nineteen eighty three. This guy was obviously beyond blessed with the sexy genes or something because he is just gorgeous. Those deep blue eyes that he has are a major attraction for anyone and will make any woman crazy. His well sought roles were in the movies Capture the Castle and Immortals. He has been nominated and won a few awards too.

7. Noah Mills-


Born in Canada on April 26th 1983 this sexy beast is a stud on screen and off. He is a great guy with a funny personality too. With his brown hair and hazel eyes many women go nuts over this guy. Two thousand ten was the start of his career and has since then worked on many films and made different fashion related brands.

6. Salman Khan-


He was born in India and is said to be one of the richest Indian actors that not only has a large fan base in Asia but around all other parts of the world too.His well built body makes him to not appear his age and promotes his good looks. He has worked doing a lot of Indian films that have done good in the box offices. Also winning him many awards for those films.

5. David Boreanaz-


This man may be up in age but still to this day is considered sexy to so many. He not only is a famous actor but a director and producer. He has a up to date sense of style and appeals largely to the female population. David has played in many famous movies and television series and received a great amount of awards for his hard work.

The fact that he played as a vampire victim in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and the spin off of Angel makes him sexy is some girls eyes. You have the vampire lovers and then the ones who love them because of other things but David has been known for a very long time because of his role as the handsome vampire. He was discovered by a talent agent while walking his dog in Hollywood.

4. Chris Evans-


With those deep blue eyes and light brown hair, what woman would be able to resist this handsome gentleman. Not only is he a good looking guy but he is very pleasant to be around and can attract any woman he decides he wants. His career started in the early two thousands which he played in a TV series name Opposite Sex. Just like many other talented actors, Chris has achieved awards such as the MTV Movie Award for Best Fight for the movie The Avengers.

3. Hrithik Roshan-


This talented Indian actor has been successful in his career. Not only is he very tall and handsome but he has attracted many girls just by walking into a room. He has attractive eyes and a well built body with a incredible personality to match. His very first film was chart topper and gave him recognition to high extents. He has been awarded many times and is admired in India and all other countries.

2. Godfrey Gao-


This Taiwan native is not only a well known actor but also a successful model. He has crazy good looks and is very famous in South East parts of Asia. A lot of girls find him to be very cute and so nice. Godfrey has worked in some films like Toy Story 3. He has worked in television dramas as well and is overall a really good guy.

1. Robert Pattinson-


Not only is he an actor but a model as well.He was born May thirteenth nineteen eighty six. He was first known for his role playing in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Edward Cullen’s in two thousand eight for his huge role in the Twilight movie. He was born in London, England. The females did not start really noticing Robert until the whole twilight series came out. The girls fanned over him so much because of his role and because of his sexiness.

He is being talked about because of his gorgeous hair and handsome face. They loved him for all sorts of reasons but his main reason was for his face and sparkling in the Twilight movie. Girls want to marry him and date him. For someone to have this many girl fans they must know they look good.

These men know they are fine, they know they can have most anyone they want. They may not show it but trust me they know most girls love them because of their looks and how great they play in movies. If you want to really see these actors you can look up the movies they have played in and start watching or pick up a magazine and just flip through it either way you will find their faces because paparazzi.

These actors some times get tired of the constant pictures but being famous means getting your news thrown out there in to the world for everyone to see or hear about. Having all those good looks these girls are going to look up pictures of you and if your not careful they will find something they should not have found.