Most Handsome Men in The World


This is really a wonderful world. There are some many things to enjoy about it. The world is a very diverse place as well. One of the things that the ladies enjoy are the men from all around the world. There are some exotic men that have stunning good looks.

These are the top 10 hottest and most handsome men in the world.

10. Omar Borkan Al Gala


Omar has recently caught the attention of women from all around the world. He has that exotic Mediterranean look and eagle eyes that can make any women melt. He is from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was reported he is so good looking that he has been asked to leave because women could not stop staring at him. Between his smile and those smoldering eyes t is no wonder women have thinking forbidden thoughts about him.

9. Robert Pattinson


Robert is a good looking action from the United States. He first caught the attention of fans for his staring role in the Twilight series movies. He has Gothic looking eyes that seem to be peering into the soul. Before making it to the big screen he worked as both a musician and a model.

8. Ian Somerhalder


Ian is another great looking man right from the United States. He is loved by women and admired by men all over the world. He is both an actor and when he is not on the screen he is a model. Fans can catch a look at Ian on the television in the series Vampire Dairies. This show helped him catch the attention of millions of fans and women all over the world.

7. Nicolas Cage


Nicolas many be a little older than these other men but he still has sex appeal. Nicholas is an actor from the United States. He usually has a classy look but even when he lets his hair grow out and has a day old beard he is still hot looking. Many people are attracted to him due to his eyes. He has some of the most ravishing eyes that women have ever seen and cannot stop staring into them.

6. Simon Baker


Simon was born in Australia and has the great down under look. He always seems to be in a good mood and this is something that makes him even more appealing. He has blonde hair and beautiful eyes. He has been in a number of films and television roles. He was in the Guardian as well as the lead in the Land of the Dead. With his great looks many women will watch the films just to get a good look at this hot actor from down under.

5. Johnny Depp


Johnny is known for some of his great acting ability. He is a hot and sexy actor even though he often chooses roles where he has to play odd characters and cover up his good looks. Johnny has a dark look to him which makes him both hot and sexy. Over his career his has 48 awards for his acting ability. He plays a number of different roles and is one of the most diverse actors out there. While a fan may not get to see his good looks in every movie that only adds to his appeal.

4. David Beckham


There is no question about it. This soccer (football) player from the United Kingdom is hot. He has the talent and the looks. There is nothing about David that is not sexy. While he is on the field he looks great kicking the ball. When he is off the field he looks even better when he models underwear. His rugged masculinity makes him an object for desire for women on both sides of the ocean.

3. Brad Pitt


Even though Brad is getting older and has a bunch of children he is still one of the hottest men in the world. This actor from the United States has enjoyed fame world wide for his acting ability and his good looks. He was voted to be the sexiest man in the several times. He has deep eyes and a smile that can melt ice. People first took notice of Brad when he was in the movie Dallas. Since that time he and his hotness has graced the screen in many different movies. Even though Brad is in his 50s he is still a fine looking man.

2. Taylor Lautner


Taylor is a hot American actors from Native American descent. He is tanned, has a great voice, and a sexy body from his martial arts training. He was also in the Twilight movies and many people watched the movie to see Taylor without his shirt on. He is able to get the attention of women all over the world in both human and werewolf form. Many people did not know this but Taylor started his acting career by using his voice in the Scooby Doo Cartoon series.

1. James Mcavoy


James is a Scottish born hottie. He is an actor and has been seen in popular movies such as the Chronicles of Narnia. He is well know for his dark hair and his serous look. While he has played in some fun movies including children’s movies there is nothing childish about James. He drives the women wild in any country.

These are 10 of the hottest men in the world. Many of them are actors since their good looks get the attention of many fans. Others are just all around hot. These men will make women melt no matter what country they are in. Their good looks are getting the attention of women from all around the world. It does not matter where these men were born or where they are from. Good looking men are not limited to one country and their hotness can be enjoyed by people all around the world.